Supported Projects 2017


Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It is a free and high standard school, able to offer technical-professional training of excellent quality in computer science and technology. In addition to technical training, it also offers human training.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: , .

Libertários do Capão

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Housing improvement with reform of homes of families in situation of high vulnerability and social risk residing in the region of Capão Redondo.

Phi support: Reform of houses.

Duration: , .

Pró Queimados

São Paulo

About the project: Its mission is to make society aware of the severity of burns and the difficulties of its treatment and rehabilitation. It promotes actions and campaigns for the prevention of burns and supports the process of physical rehabilitation, recovery and psychosocial and professional reintegration of victims, as well as offering support to family members.

Phi support: Purchase of compressive meshes.

Duration: , , .

Programa Vivenda

São Paulo

About the project: Social Business that offers solutions in housing reforms that, in a fast and non-bureaucratic way, allows the client to have, within 15 days, their project prepared and their reform ready.

Phi support: Housing reform for low-income families.

Duration: , , , .

Projeto Âncora

São Paulo

About the project: It acts encompassing social development and basic school learning, in Cotia (SP). Its objectives are to contribute to the construction of citizens aware of their capabilities.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: , .

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