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Coletivo Exclamação

São Paulo

About the project: Atua para minimizar os impactos ambientais negativos e abordar novas posturas de consumo e práticas sustentáveis através da compostagem de resíduos, criação de hortas e ações artístico-culturais que levem o outro a refletir sobre essa temática.

Phi support:

Duration: 2019 e 2020

Semente do Futuro

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It promotes and stimulates the human development of children and adolescents, young people and their families through the promotion of sports and cultural activities as a better alternative for the quality of life and the establishment of a culture of peace.

Phi support: Rio Institute 2017 edict.

Duration: , .

Mulheres de Pedra

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: A collective that aims to highlight the role of black women in the construction of another world in which relationships are woven through art, education, solidarity economy and cultural diversity.

Phi support: Management of the Announcement of the Rio 2017 Institute.

Duration: .

Hip Funk

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It is a project that shows the cultural aspects of hip hop and funk, with a weekly schedule of dynamic activities.

Phi support: Management of the Announcement of the Rio 2017 Institute.

Duration: , .

Imagens em Movimento

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It offers film workshops for students of public schools, as well as training courses for educators who are lovers of the cinematographic art and events of exhibition of the works carried out in these processes.

Phi support: Institutional, via the ISS Law (Law nº 5.553 / 2013).

Duration: .

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