About us

The desire to change the world that is intrinsic to young people was the igniting force that moved the advertising manager, Luiza Serpa, to create Instituto Phi. The idea followed one of Luiza’s successful work experiences with the former finance executive and philanthropist Marcos Flávio Azzi. Along with the team from former Instituto Azzi - the journalist Marcos Pinheiro and the economist Fernanda Tizatto - Luiza founded, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2014, Instituto Phi, a non-governmental organization that mentors people and enterprises that wish to donate to social causes, guaranteeing good investment with metrics that are result-oriented.

Instituto Phi tailors its work to every donor. The Instituto wishes to connect every donor’s cause to the best solutions for the social inequalities of Brazil. In the case of enterprises, the social investment can be done through direct contributions or philanthropy incentive laws.

The projects that are developed through Instituto Phi’s mentorship are in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a collection of 17 global metrics established by the General Assembly of the United Nations to make the world a better place. In order to avail financial support, the organizations are evaluated based on stability, transparency, impact potential and management quality.

In 2019, the bridges that were built by Instituto Phi took its efforts not only to all the regions of Brazil, but were also carried abroad, through partnerships with a philanthropic fund of a US multinational company that solidified the financial assistance to community-based social organizations.

In its seventh anniversary in 2021, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Instituto Phi has been recognized by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo as one of the 100 Best NGOs of the Country, and in 2020, it has received the Prêmio Empreendedor Social Folha (Folha’s Award for Social Entrepreneurship), in the Humanitarian Relief category.

More than providing financial resources to social changes, Instituto Phi works to develop a culture of philanthropy, so that all citizens are committed to promoting collective wellbeing. The name “Phi '' borrows inspiration from the Greek word philantropia, that means “love for humanity” - in our case, the search is for efficient philanthropy.

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