Registering your institution enables it to be supported by Instituto Phi. It is important that the registration is done completely, because this evaluation makes a big difference when it comes to getting support. Read about each step of the registration process below.

Projects supported by Phi must meet the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) guidelines, a set of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly to promote the well-being of humans and the environment. In order to reach these goals, there are 169 targets which, along with the SDOs, are part of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Register your project

Registering your institution will enable it to be supported by Instituto Phi

Our process assesses organizations in four areas: impact potential, management quality, stability, and transparency.

Registration validation

Instituto Phi's the tools necessary to create a presentation that will professionally and effectively introduce the project to potential investors.

Then, wait for an investor to show interest in your project!

An investor wants to support your social cause.

Phi will contact the organization to compile a presentation to be shown to the potential investor. If the investor agrees to support your project, the terms of partnership are agreed.

It is time to prepare the mandatory documents to be presented in the contract signature. Do you know which they are?

Signing the contracts

Instituto Phi signs with the investor, and the NGO signs with Phi.

Make sure to regularly update your registration on our platform. Send receipts and reports on time and know you can rely on Phi to support you every step through the way.

Communication and relationship with Phi

The supported organization will be included on the Institute’s website and may include the Phi logo on its own website.

We will communicate with the organization through our platform. You can increase your chances of sponsorship by sending photos and inspirational stories of your organization! We may also create a social media post to broadcast your NGO’s mission and partnership.

social investors, not including donors to emergency campaigns




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