1) What does the Instituto Phi do?

We bridge the gap between donors and social. Learn more about our methodology here. .

2) Is Instituto Phi an NGO?

Yes, we are a nonprofit organization.

3) What kind of support is made?

Phi prioritizes a variety of support areas, some of which include renovations, purchase of equipment, employee salary. Each support area depends on the donor's interests and the project’s needs. Know the projects currently supported by Phi.

4) Does Phi support projects throughout Brazil?

We currently support projects in twenty Brazilian states, throughout

5) Do the organizations leading the projects pay Instituto Phi?

No. The only case in which the Institute receives fundraising funds is through incentive laws.

6) Does the donor pay for Phi’s work?

Individuals do not sponsoring a project, Phi negotiates a percentage value of the total amount donated.

7) How does Phi sustain itself?

We collect revenue through institutional donors who donate only to Phi, donors who donate to projects and to Phi , micro donors who donate through our website, and the percentage of fundraising funds set aside in cases of support by incentive laws. We are also paid for the work we do in the development of integrated solutions for the Third Sector, like developing tools for edicts management , family counseling, financial management, and project evaluation.

8) How does Phi gather support funds for projects?

Support funds are allocated directly by individuals and legal persons.

9) Is the Phi team comprised of volunteers?

No. The Phi team is hired through CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws).

10) Does the Instituto Phi offer edicts

Yes. The edict can be made by Phi with resources of a company or by the company/organization, to be managed by Phi.

11) Why is my project not listed among those supported by Phi?

The projects listed on the website have received financial support from Phi; not all projects registered have received support yet.


1) How can I donate to a project?

The first step is setting up a meeting to recognize what drives you to contribute. Next, set the amount you would like to donate and we will begin planning the steps of your donation.

2) How can I support Phi?

You can support Phi’s work , by making a donation, networking, or offering spaces for events. Please contact us to schedule a meeting, any and all support is welcome.

3) I would like to donate to a social project and do not know where to begin, can Phi help me?

Absolutely! Contact us through our website, email, or phone and we will guide you through each step.

4) How does Phi know whether an institution is trustworthy?

We evaluate each institution before they are displayed on our site. When a donor shows interest in supporting an institution, we validate the organization’s documentation and go to the organization for an in-person visit to learn more about the project.

5) How does Phi measure the impact of a donation?

Before starting to support an organization, we evaluate the project’s needs and establish goals and indicators to measure its progress. This process helps to ensure that the donation is safe and transparent in all its steps. If there is any unexpected change to the project’s initial outline, the support may be discontinued.

6) My family would like to donate to an organization, how can Phi help us?

We help families identify their social causes through meetings, questionnaires, project presentations and visits. Through these, we help them identify what drives them to philanthropy.

7) I want to donate, how is Phi equipped to help?

Phi has supported over 1300 projects in the last eight years; we are prepared to offer complete assistance in philanthropy, financial management of resources for social projects, management of edictsand projects evaluation, among other solutions that we can develop according to needs of each scenario..

8) Are donations deductible from Income Tax?

Donations made through incentive laws are deductible from Income Tax.

9) I represent a company, can we donate through Phi?

We make a custom plan for each donor. A company may donate through incentive laws, direct donations, percentage of the profit of a product, or in another forms, all of which can be assessed by both the company and Phi.

10) How can I apply to volunteer at Phi?

O Instituto Phi não tem um programa de voluntariado. Recebemos voluntários pontualmente, de acordo com as demandas que surgem. Se tiver interesse em fazer parte do nosso banco, envie um e-mail para com suas habilidades e áreas de interesse.  

Instituto Phi does not have an established volunteer program. We accept volunteers as needed by the Institute. If you are interested in offering Phi volunteer help, contact us via email at; please inform us your skills that are useful for our work and your areas of interest. We have also partnered with Atados, an online platform that connects volunteers with NGOs looking for support in projects throughout Brazil. Through the application submitted on Atados, organizations may contact the candidate to schedule a meeting, during which both parties can understand how the volunteer's skills and interests may be useful in helping to address the organization’s areas of improvement.

Supported organizations

1) Who can be supported?

All projects that have been registered with a tax ID (CNPJ).

2) How can I request support for my project from Phi?

To be considered to join our database of supported projects, you must register your project here. The questionnaire has approximately 40 questions; once approved, your project may become visible to potential donors.

3) Can I request for my collective to be supported by Phi?

No. Phi currently only supports formally registered projects, but a donor may initiate an edict or a call for collectives.

4) Are social outreach companies supported by Phi?

Yes. While they are not Phi's main focus, the Instituto Phi is always open to supporting the search for better solutions to social problems.

5) Does Phi also support companies? Or only NGOs?

While Phi’s primary focus is the support of social organizations, it may also support social businesses.

6) Once I register my project on the website, am I considered a partner?

No. In order to be considered a partner, the organization must sign a donor contract and receive the requested financial support.

7) Once I have registered my project on the website, when will I receive the requested support?

Instituto Phi cannot guarantee that an organization will receive support. It is entirely up to the donors to define the organization they wish to support and the value of their donation. Hence, there is no specific guideline on when or if a project will be supported.

8) In what areas can an organization utilize the awarded support funds?

The donor contract will outline how the awarded funds are to be utilized, but we can support renovations,the purchase of equipments, for example.

9) Must I submit an updated project in order to be considered by donors?

If a donor shows interest in your organization, Phi will contact you to have a better understanding of your current needs.

10) Must I be approved in any incentive law in order to receive support?

No, this is not necessary in the case of donations directly through Phi. However, if the organization wishes to join Phi’s portfolio of incentivized projects, yes.

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