Imagens em Movimento

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It offers film workshops for students of public schools, as well as training courses for educators who are lovers of the cinematographic art and events of exhibition of the works carried out in these processes.

Phi support: Institutional, via the ISS Law (Law nº 5.553 / 2013).

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Centro Cultural a História Que eu Conto

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: To promote actions that contribute to the human and local development of the residents of Vila Aliança Complex and Senador Camará, in Rio de Janeiro, through the democratization of access to knowledge and cultural plurality, in the perspective of integral care.

Phi support: Reform.

Duration: , .

Centro Social e Cultural Tatiane Lima

About the project: It operates in the areas of education, social assistance and health promotion to residents of Jardim Batan (RJ), through educational, cultural and sports activities.

Phi support: Purchase of musical instruments.

Duration: .

Ação Social Pela Música do Brasil

Rio de Janeiro

About the project:Social inclusion and citizenship formation through the teaching of classical music, for children, adolescents and young people living in a community that are in a situation of social vulnerability.

Phi support:orchestra, via the ISS Law (Law nº 5.553 / 2013).

Duration: , , .

ACUCA – Associação Cultural do Camorim

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It rescues and values elements that make up the cultural heritage of Camorim, besides the defense, preservation and conservation of the environment and the sustainability of the place.

Phi support: Management of the Announcement of the Rio 2017 Institute.

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