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United Way Brasil

About the project: GOYN is a global program, present in 9 countries, formed by young people, companies, social organizations and public authorities to promote the productive inclusion of socially vulnerable youth. Our focus is to offer job and income opportunities to 100,000 young people from the outskirts of São Paulo by 2030, based on the principles of Collective Impact.

The program has the general objective of catalyzing effective and innovative actions that strengthen the ecosystem of productive inclusion of young potentials in professions of the future* in the city of São Paulo.

*Professions of the Future: encompass formal work and other more innovative forms of work, such as self-employment, cooperativism and entrepreneurship. These are professions that tend to grow and are related to the economic vocation of the city of São Paulo. We will focus on three main economies: digital, creative and green.

Phi support: Events, software licenses, internet assistance for beneficiaries.

Duration: 2023.

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