Supported Projects 2014

Mundo Novo

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Educational, cultural and professional programs, focusing on Early Childhood Education. Chatuba Community, in Mesquita (RJ).

Phi support: “Mundo Encantado” and “Arte com Visão” projects.

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Instituto Companheiros das Américas

About the project: Works with sports to empower, employ and promote positive engagement of young Brazilians, helping them to succeed in work and life.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: .

Agência do Bem

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Promote human development aiming at the full citizenship of low income populations, through education, in a transparent and sustainable way.

Phi support: Institutional, ISS Law, Rouanet Law.

Duration: , , , , , .

Banco da Providência (Providence Bank)

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It contributes to the reduction of social inequality and contributes to the defense of the rights of young people, adults and families.

Phi support: Professional Training / Income Generation and Providence Fair (via ISS Law (Law nº 5.553 / 2013).

Duration: , , , , , .

Associação Beneficente Amar

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It develops its work with children, adolescents and young people in situations of personal and social risk, through the methodology of the Preventive System of Education.

Phi support: Maintenance of expenses of the Casa de Acolhida Frei Carmelo Cox.

Duration: 2018, 2020, 2021 e 2022

Duration: , , , , .

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