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Projeto Âncora

São Paulo

About the project: It acts encompassing social development and basic school learning, in Cotia (SP). Its objectives are to contribute to the construction of citizens aware of their capabilities.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: , .

Recriado Raízes

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It acts with actions directed to children and adolescents in the areas of education, leisure, promotion of culture and defense of rights.

Phi support: Reform and purchase of headquarters.

Duration: .

Projeto Uerê

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Free model school in Maré (RJ) that works with alternative teaching method and own pedagogy, aimed at children and young people with cognitive and emotional blocks.

Phi support: Institutional and scholarships.

Duration: , , , .


Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Its mission is to contribute to the educational and cultural strengthening of children, young people and families of the West Zone, who live in less favored conditions, so that they may have an opportunity to transform this reality.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: .

Obra do Berço

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Provides assistance to families and protection of children in situations of social and personal risk, providing, in a healthy environment, their psychopedagogical, physical, emotional and social development.

Phi support: Human resources in the area of health and prevention.

Duration: , , , .

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