Luiza Serpa

Luiza Serpa

Co-founder and Executive Director

Publicist with MBE in Sustainable Business Management, Luiza moved to the Third Sector in 2005, after consolidating her career in Corporate communication.

Director of the Phi Institute, advises investors on the definition of the causes to be supported, on choosing the ideal organizations and projects for the investor and on monitoring the social impact results that are generated. She is Chapter Head in Brazil, by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

She loves movies, good food and, during her free time, like a good carioca, she likes going to the beach with her family and friends.

Fernanda Tizatto

Fernanda Tizatto

Co-fundadora e Diretora Institucional

She holds a degree in Economics from UERJ, with MBE in Social Responsibility and Third Sector, from UFRJ.

In 2011, she joined the Teach for All network, giving reinforcement classes in public schools located in pacified communities in Rio de Janeiro. The project lasted two years and made this carioca discover her passion for social causes and leave her career in the area of Finance.

Samba, beach and reading are on the list of her passions.

Marcos Pinheiro

Marcos Pinheiro

Co-fundador e Diretor de Projetos e Relacionamento com investidores

Graduated in Journalism from PUC-Rio in 2008, Marcos worked with entrepreneurship from college until 2013, when he started to dedicate himself exclusively to the Third Sector.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading and practicing sports.

Emilia Freire

Emilia Freire

Project coordinator

Administrator, with specialization in Project Management by FGV. Already worked in the administrative, financial and marketing areas, with development of promotional campaigns, incentive marketing and events. She joined the Third Sector in 2011 and worked for seven years at Instituto Rio, as an administrative manager.

Whenever she can, she travels to meet new people, food and landscapes.

Juliana Bertolucci

Juliana Bertolucci

Project coordinator

Coach from ICI and journalist from PUC-SP, with specialization in Management of Civil Society Organizations (GESC / FEA-USP), Public Policy Management (UNL) and Transpersonal Psychology (Alubrat). She has been working in the Third Sector since 2005 with project management, strategic communication and education, and more recently she has also been dedicated to human development.

She enjoys reading, embroidering, photographing, drawing, traveling and doing nothing from time to time. She has been practicing and studying meditation for more than 20 years.

Isabela Sucupira

Analista de projetos

Formada em Biomedicina e mestre em Bioquímica Médica pela UFRJ, desde o início da faculdade em 2011 se envolveu com diversos projetos sociais. Sempre atuou como voluntária, até ser contratada por uma ONG e largar a profissão de biomédica. Trabalhou por dois anos como coordenadora de projetos empresariais, implementando ações sociais dentro de empresas.

Suas maiores felicidades são estar com a família e com amigos e em contato com Deus.

Thainá Montes

Thainá Montes


She received her degree in Education at Unicarioca University and began her experience in the Third Sector in 2015 at the Cecip - Centro de Criação de Imagem Popular (Popular Image Creation Center), where she worked as an administrative assistant and followed the pedagogical part of the project “De Mãos Dadas por uma Creche de Qualidade” ("Hands Given for a Quality Nursery"). In April 2018, she began as a trainee at the Phi Institute.

She loves to travel, to go to the beach and to have fun with friends and family.

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