1) What does the Phi Institute do?

We bridge the gap between donors and social projects. To understand better, know our method.

2) Is the Phi Institute an NGO?

Yes, we are a non-profit organization.

3) What kind of support is made?

All kinds of support, such as: renovations, purchase of equipment, payment of employees. It always depends on the donor's project need and interest. Check out projects already supported by Phi.

4) Does Phi support projects throughout Brazil?

Hoje temos projetos apoiados em 20 estados brasileiros, distribuídos pelas cinco regiões do país.

5) Do the projects pay any value to Phi?

No. Only if the project is supported through Incentive Law, then yes, we receive as fundraisers.

6) Does the donor pay for Phi's work?

Individually, does not. In the case of a legal entity, we negotiate a percentage value over the total amount that will be sent to projects.

7) How do you sustain yourself?

Our revenue comes in a diversified form. We have institutional donors who donate only to Phi, people who donate to projects and to Phi, micro donors, who donate through our site, as well as the percentage of fundraising by incentive laws. We are also remunerated for the development of integrated solutions for the Third Sector, such as tools for call center management, family counseling, financial management and project evaluation.

8) Where does the support money come from?

It comes directly from individual and legal donors.

9) Is the Phi team volunteering?

No. The Phi team is hired via CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws).

10) Does Phi make edicts?

Yes. We offer this solution to our donors - the bidding can be from Phi with the help of some company or the bidding for the company / organization, which will be managed by Phi.

11) Why my project is not on the Phi supported list?

The projects that are on the site are those that have already received financial support from Phi and not all projects registered to receive such support.


1) I want to donate for a project, how do I do it?

The first step is to set up a meeting to identify your cause, set the amount you would like to donate, and so we plan your donation.

2) Can I support Phi? How?

Yes. With financial resources, networking or the offer of spaces for events, for example. Contact us and we will arrange a conversation, all support is welcome.

3) I would like to donate to social projects and do not know where to start, can Phi help me?

Sure. Get in touch with us by email or phone and we will guide you how to do it.

4) How does Phi know that an institution is trustworthy?

We do a previous evaluation of the institutions registered in our site and, when it appears a donor interest in supporting one of them, we validate all the documentation and we make an in loco visit to know the project.

5) How does Phi know if the support is paying off?

Before beginning support, we evaluate the needs of the project together, set goals and indicators for follow-up. This makes the donation safe and transparent. Any change in the initial scope of the project, support may be discontinued.

6) My family wants to donate, how can Phi help us?

We can carry out a work with families in the identification of causes through meetings, questionnaires, presentation of projects, visits and, thus, find the cause that motivates the family donation.

7) I want to donate, what can Phi offer me?

With our experience of 410 projects supported in the last five years, we can offer full assistance in philanthropy, financial management of resources for social projects, management of edicts and evaluation of projects, among other solutions that we can develop in a customized way, according to need.

8) Are the donations deductible from the Income Tax?

Donations via incentive laws, yes.

9) I represent a company, can we make donations by Phi?

We set up a custom plan for each donor. A company's appeal may come via incentive laws, direct donation, the proceeds of some product reverted to a cause or otherwise, which can be reviewed jointly by the company and Phi.

10) Como posso me candidatar para trabalhos voluntários?

O Instituto Phi não trabalha com voluntários, mas somos parceiros do Atados, uma plataforma online que conecta pessoas que querem fazer trabalho voluntário a ONGs que precisam de apoio em suas atividades em todo o Brasil. A partir da candidatura no Atados, as organizações entrarão em contato para agendar uma conversa e entender de que forma as habilidades do voluntário podem ser úteis para os desafios da ONG.


1) Who can be supported?

All projects that are formalized with CNPJ.

2) How do I get support from Phi?

It is necessary, first, to register here. From the completion of a questionnaire with approximately 40 questions, you can join our database and can be presented to potential donors.

3) I am part of a collective, can we be supported by Phi?

No. Phi currently only supports projects that are formalized, but nothing prevents a donor from opening an edict / call for collectives.

4) I am a social business, can I be supported by Phi?

Yes. It is not Phi's focus, but we are always looking for better solutions to solve social problems.

5) I represent a company, can I get support or do I have to be a NGO?

Phi supports social organizations, but it can also support companies (social businesses), although this is not our main focus.

6) I registered on the site, am I already a partner?

No. To be considered a partner, you must necessarily receive financial support from Phi and have a signed contract.

7) I registered on the site, when will I receive the support?

We cannot guarantee that your institution will receive support. Our client is the one who defines the cause it wants to support, as well as the value of the donation. Therefore, we have no control over whether or when a project will be supported.

8) What can support resources be used for?

The definition for use of resources will be defined previously, in the signing of the contract, but we can support reforms, human resources, purchase of equipment, for example.

9) Do I need to submit a new project to be supported?

If a donor interested in your organization, we will contact you to understand the main need of the moment.

10) Do I need to pass an incentive law to receive support?

No. For free direct donation of Phi is not necessary. If you are interested in being part of the portfolio of incentivized projects, yes.

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