Supported Projects 2018

Associação Beneficente Amar

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It develops its work with children, adolescents and young people in situations of personal and social risk, through the methodology of the Preventive System of Education.

Phi support: Maintenance of expenses of the Casa de Acolhida Frei Carmelo Cox.

Duration: 2018, 2020, 2021 e 2022

Duration: , , , , .


Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It seeks to support the entire community of pulmonary hypertension, through specific educational events, support groups for psychological support, legal advice, providing information on new treatment perspectives, updating information through social networks, etc.

Phi support: Purchase of medicines.

Duration: .

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Movement to promote mobility, diversity, connections and integration, which works to disseminate the culture of each migrant in the host society through an articulation based on cultural events and capacities. 

Phi support: Institutional. 

Duration: .

Capão Cidadão

São Paulo

About the project: It attends children from 6 to 16 years old with cultural and educational activities, such as classic ballet, contemporary ballet, environment, karate, street dance, school reinforcement and food culture for those in charge.

Phi support: Institutional.

Duration: , , .

Lona na Lua

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It contributes to the cultural and social development of children and adolescents through an inclusive art model and stimulates the emergence of critical and conscious young people, presenting them ethical values within the daily exercise of citizenship.

Phi support: Cultural workshops.

Duration: , , , .

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