Supported Projects 2015

Mundo Novo

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Educational, cultural and professional programs, focusing on Early Childhood Education. Chatuba Community, in Mesquita (RJ).

Phi support: “Mundo Encantado” and “Arte com Visão” projects.

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Imagens em Movimento

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: It offers film workshops for students of public schools, as well as training courses for educators who are lovers of the cinematographic art and events of exhibition of the works carried out in these processes.

Phi support: Institutional, via the ISS Law (Law nº 5.553 / 2013).

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São Paulo

About the project: They invest in social assistance and education to develop potentials and transform realities with the goal of expanding opportunities in academic, cultural and ethical education.

Phi support: Institutional and university projects.

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Fundação do Rim

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Promotes actions that contribute to improve the quality of life through comprehensive care for children and young chronic kidney patients in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Phi support: Motor physical therapy for children with kidney disease.

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Casa de Santa Ana

Rio de Janeiro

About the project: Welcomes the elderly in the daytime, offering activities, psychosocial support, food and monitoring of the multidisciplinary team. It also offers ballet, singing and percussion classes, lectures and socio-educational and cultural activities for children and young people.

Phi support: Curative and institutional sector.

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