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Instituto Phi - Philantropia Inteligente bridges the gap between individuals or companies and quality social projects. We seek that social investments have effective results, reaching institutions of excellence, evaluated by transparency, management, strength and impact. We are a non-profit organization, and the sustainability of the Institute is guaranteed by partners who believe in our work and donate to our cause. Be part of a group who dreams of a less unequal world.

Did you know that when you give one Brazilian real to Instituto Phi, you stimulate that 5 Brazilian reals are generated to social projects?

This is the impact that we generate with our work! With respect to donations made to us, we have an ongoing commitment to efficiency: Instituto Phi passes for the third sector at least 5X times more than its annual cost, with the goal of reaching ten times in the next five years. We create bridges between potential social investors and social quality projects. Therefore, if you believe in the deepest improvement of donation culture in Brazil, in encouraging the development of social projects and people who support these projects developing a more citizen and participatory society, we rely on your monthly support that will have its impact multiplied by 5!

With Instituto Phi, your good intentions can become even better!

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